It’s time to feel the freedom

by on 03 June 2015 in Entrepreneurship


I learned early in life that I had to be true to myself and do what I love. Sounds awesome doesn’t it but it was a frightening concept at age 20. Leaving the safety of my corporate job to be the passionate entrepreneur was not the done thing all the way back in the ’80s

Since leaving the corporate world I’ve kept myself busy:

  • Founded an award winning international manufacturing business with my husband
  • Started a successful health and wellness studio for women in the UK which I ran for five years
  • Brought the Athena Network to Australia
  • Started She Business, now Australia’s leading business community for women in service, retail and online industry.

It has been a journey. One of continual learning, education and evolution. It’s taken perseverance, belief and real stamina and there’s one thing I know for sure….

Passion just isn’t enough.  

There are certain skills every business owner and entrepreneur needs to run a successful and sustainable business. 

My wish for you is to have a business and life where you choose freely rather than choose from fear.  Fear is a place which holds us tight when we don’t have the tools and skills to make the right choices in our business and prevents us knowing how to move forward.

Get a sense of freedom – start with what you love and evolve it into something extraordinary! Take the first step towards your business mastery today.  

Join me for two hours on Friday 10 July where I’ll be sharing my story and key strategies for business mastery and long-term success.  

This is an interactive workshop for up to 20 people. To RSVP click HERE.