STOP: Can the world just stop while I catch my breath?

by on 21 July 2015 in Entrepreneurship


My daughter was 3 when I lost her.

We were on Brighton Pier in England at the height of summer. It was loud, squishy and pushy and felt like full-body sensory overload.

We were walking together on a day trip with friends – not hand in hand, but in a huddle; a close-knit group. Eating fairy floss, darting from one excitement to another, I turned to grab the hand of my little mite but instead of finding the warmth of her palm, I found a cold, scary emptiness.

I shouted her name, I shouted again and again but to no avail, and then something strange happened…. I stopped.

I stopped shouting and I held my breath. My heart pumping, my arms rigid and outstretched I was signaling to the world to stop. I was willing it to STOP.

The music, the people, the rides, everything – if it would all just stop I’d have enough time to get my bearings and find my daughter.

I’ve had that same feeling about my business over the past few months. With arms metaphorically outstretched, I’ve been desperately wanting and willing the business world to stop. I’ve been in fight or flight mode and I just needed enough time to catch my breath… and to think.

My ego wants to focus on why I couldn’t see I was operating from fear, but the more valuable question is this:

How did I move from fear-based thinking into energised, inspired, purposeful thinking?

It took a while, but as I’m committed to huge depths of awareness and understanding, I stayed in the process long enough for this to happen:

  1. I told myself the truth.
  1. I shared my truth and my fear with the people I trusted the most; the same people who would hold me to my highest self.
  1. I listened to them and although I felt I’d already ‘made my decision’, I allowed myself to be open to their insights and suggestions.
  1. I left my judgments at the door and by listening without them, I allowed myself to see the world from another perspective.
  1. In doing so a new future with new possibilities became available.

Living this process has reminded me it’s not about control – in fact, quite the opposite. It’s about letting go.

When life feels out of control and downright scary, don’t ignore those feelings or slather false optimism over the top – feel & accept them and nudge yourself towards the work of understanding and awareness.

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