Joanna Ryan: Transforming Your Financial Future

by on 15 October 2015 in Members Blog


Joanna Ryan LWLumix Women is a proud partner of Fearless 2015 and because of this we interviewed the founder Joanna Ryan on her journey, mission and vision for women in business.

How would you identify yourself?

I help women business owners make smart decisions with their money so they can retire with a fortune.

Why is it important for you to be involved with Fearless?

I want women to be talking money and thinking about financial independence at the same time as doing interesting and meaningful things with their lives. I do what I do because it’s never too late to transform your financial future, its about taking a series of small intentional steps to get there.

What does fearless as a word mean to you?

It means going for it! Its about not letting your anxiety warn you about failure. Take the leap, follow your dreams.

What are you bringing to Fearless this year?

To all fearless participants I want to offer a 30 min complimentary financial health check. Instead of coming to me when disaster strikes, I want to shift the attention to proactive financial health checks. I want to educate women with this simple fact; if you plan you get better outcomes.

Great financial advice can be empowering and fun. Just don’t leave it too late. Put the plan in place when life is good.

As the founder of Lumix Women, what were the 3 most important choices you made to get to where you are today?

Firstly, to educate myself really well, so I became an expert in my field ­ I have a Bachelor of Economics, a Master of Commerce, Graduate Diplomas in both Financial Planning and Applied Finance and Investment and then the highly technical Certified Financial Planner Qualification ­ because I know that successful women want to seek advice from the best.

Secondly, hiring a business coach to keep me accountable in my business endeavours. All of a sudden the things I say in passing become concrete action targets.

Thirdly, to retain my financial independence.

Why did you create a product purely for women?

I didn’t start out this way but now I predominantly work with women. Something changed when I joined an all women rowing crew. It was the relationship with these women that made me change the focus of my business. Listening to their stories, I realized they were no different from the women coming to see me at my office. So often, I meet with women who are not financially prepared. In spite of the amazing resourcefulness and resilience of women so often, they have not had the financial advice they needed. For many reasons – too busy, not interested until disaster struck, leaving too much to chance, thinking their man was their financial plan. This is of course compounded by the fact that women earn less, retire earlier, live longer and have interrupted careers to care for others.

At Lumix Women, we provide a place where women can talk about money openly, where all questions are encouraged and doubts are recognised as steps towards taking financial responsibility, where they can turn around habits and thinking that is holding them back, learn and gain education about money, stay connected to the very best financial advice available and have a plan. We all feel much happier knowing we have a plan.

The service is about creating empowerment for women so they have a clearer view and understanding of their financial future.

You can meet Joanna and other fearless business women at the Fearless 2015 event in Sydney, December 2nd. Book your seat now at

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