The One Question Every Business Owner Must Ask Themselves

by on 11 November 2015 in Mentors Blog


Have you decided it’s time to make great money?

In time for Fearless, we spoke to our gorgeous sales mentor and sponsor of Fearless Rachel Bourke from Sales Space about how the right sales techniques can affect your business and what it means to have a fearless mindset. She is a firm believer that you will only be successful when you have decided its time to make an unshakable commitment to growing your business.

What is the one piece of advice you have for our community of business owners?

In business, selling is succeeding. When you decide it’s time to make great money make sure your mindset, messaging and sales system are in place and are your number 1 priority. Then invest in marketing.

What do you believe are the three most common challenges that can easily be overcome?

The three most common challenges women in business face in sales are fear of rejection, low conversion rates and a lack of leads. Overcoming these issues involves:

Mindset – become aware of your undermining self-talk and negative beliefs around sales. Everyone wants more clarity, confidence and conviction. We always start with mindset. Whether it’s a small change in thinking or a complete paradigm shift, a makeover of your thoughts can change your business dramatically.

Messaging – incorrect, lack lustre or completely non-existent messaging is one of the leading causes of money woes. If you have no idea of your unique selling point or how to succinctly and powerfully communicate your business offering to others, then this should be attended to immediately.

Commitment – low conversion rates are often the result of a lack of commitment. You must commit to yourself and commit to your clients. Commitment to self involves completing the preparation required to have a powerful sales system developed and in use in your business. Engaging in intense weekly sales activity, measuring your results and being open to change when necessary. Commitment to your clients is different again. If you believe what you sell is truly right for your prospect, stay fully committed to that person at decision time.

 As a mentor for She Business, what are the struggles you see on a daily basis from our members?

Lack of resources – money, time, staff.

Fear – how to juggle family, finances and the uncertainty that comes with being in business.

Lack of Strategy – pressure to do more of the same to make ends meet because they’re not sure of how to change things. Business owners often don’t take the time out to strategise with the correct people. If only business owners would realise that a day strategising could be life changing.

How can a fearless mindset affect your sales results?

To sell well takes courage. Courage to set a direction. Courage to take action daily, even when you wish you didn’t have to, and courage to meet all the challenges you face when dealing with other people. It especially takes courage to stay committed to your client during a closing conversation. 

To offer an example – at decision time, if a prospective client says to me “I can’t”, “not now” or “no, I’m ……” I ask them this question:

“If you could put to the side all of the reasons that are stopping you moving forward and I could work with you and make this possible, would that be helpful”?

I then hear “yes, thank you, that would be helpful”. I then move forward with them and make it possible. When a client feels that level of commitment from me it helps cement in their mind that I truly believe in my product or service and that I have what it takes to help them.

What is your biggest lesson learned from always being self employed?

I have a red thread in my career and it’s commitment. I realised while working as a personal trainer for 12 years and then an executive coach for another 10, that I have always been 100% committed to my business goals and clients.

As humans, we are wired for worry. We have to work very hard to override our brain’s natural desire to avert challenge. To do this I practice what I call my ‘Daily Dose of Inspiration’ and I encourage all of our clients to priortise this practice. 5 – 10 minutes at the start of each day is enough to instil the commitment required to be courageous and fearless, the essential emotions required to seriously move your business forward.

Why do I feel so passionate about helping other women?

Because as a woman I know that our own criticising self talk, insecurities and fear of rejection can be crippling. I’ve been there. When I support another woman to overcome her greatest fears, show her what’s possible, believe in her wholeheartedly and show her the way, I feel incredible happiness. The gratitude I have for the amazing women I support and the trust they put in me, is immense.

What are you bringing to Fearless this year?

We are supporting fearless women and ensuring sales becomes a strength. Therefore, this year, we are gifting personal access to our online training: Your Sales Success Kit – ‘Everything you must know and prepare before any sales conversation’ (valued at $497) to all Fearless participants. Click here to register for Fearless and read more about the SalesSPACE online course. 

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