The Truth About Shoes

by on 25 November 2015 in Entrepreneurship


As the festive season bounds crazily towards us many of my business conversations turn towards fashion, frocks and heels.   My cohort of savvy, gorgeous kick-ass women are giving serious consideration to outfits for parties, long lunches and mojitos under a balmy summer sky.

Talk of “Shoes” is rife and it’s like an international language for women, an instant ice-breaker and the language of connection. I’m in my element, I feel my body being swamped with feel-good hormones and I feel lighter for bantering away about frivolous stuff that in the bigger scheme of things is meaningless. 

Occasionally though, I feel others may judge me as superficial for having such light-weight conversations.  In a world where poverty, terrorism and global warming threaten a future of human cohesion, should I be using the power of my brain for far worthier topics? As a ‘serious’ businesswoman should I be using my daily quota of words on strategy, innovation and gender equality?

Then I’m reminded of a recent conversation with Lorna Patten, an exceptional human being and She Business mentor. (She’ll be at Fearless and if I was you, I’d make it my mission to have a great conversation with her). She says we can only be judged once we judged ourselves. Bam! Let that one flow through your mind for a moment while we carry on.

Dressing for a party, a meeting, a special occasion is one of my single greatest pleasures in life. I dress for my own amusement so it’s half an hour of creative, playful ‘me’ time. It’s precious time where I get to express my mood, opinion and approach to life and when I slip on the perfect pair of shoes I know my time is up. I am ready to go out and make an impact on the world.

I don’t subscribe to Marilyn Monroe’s infamous line “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”.  I think we have the power to conquer the world barefoot if we need to but I do think we have a greater chance of conquering the world if we support each others shoe choice! You’re laughing right now, but stick with me.

Freedom of choice and lack of judgement from ourselves or others is the main game here.

I don’t judge others who choose sensible shoes or those who care-less about their shoes, in fact I love those people. They are the yin to my yang, they are the Campers to my Alessandro Dell’Acquas’ and together we are powerful.

So what’s your shoe choice for Fearless?

Whatever lights you up, whatever makes you happy, whatever represents the greatest expression of who you are in the world.

Barefoot or in killer heels I look forward to seeing you at Fearless.