How goals can help the sisterhood shape our world

by on 04 January 2016 in Entrepreneurship



 Goal setting blog
Hello gorgeous people and welcome to January 2016!!
This month is all about goal setting and planning.  Our aim is to have everyone in the community on track for achieving whatever their heart desires.
We all know that goals need to be SMART
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievement
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound
But I also like to think of goals like this …
  1. A goal gives us the chance to shape our future!! How cool is that, think about it, here we are right now, putting pen to paper to shape our future! That’s a really empowering context for life.
  2. A goal allows us to put a plan together and the more planning we do the less work is required. In my books that’s gotta be a good thing. More time for family, friends and doing the things we love.
  3. Goal setting is a valuable part of risk management – if we set the goal and make the plan to reach it we reduce our risk of going off on tangents and being distracted by bright shiny objects.
  4. Every goal achieved is a goal rewarded. My rewards tend to be based around shoes, bags, clothes, travel but that’s just me.  What makes your heart sing? What would you gift yourself?
  5. When we achieve our goals others can share in our accomplishments and that’s just a beautiful thing. The more celebration in life the better.
Let us know if you’re struggling to set them because we want to help
If you’re excited by your goals, share them. Let others be inspired by your greatness
Add your top tips to this post so others can benefit from your insights.