How To Skyrocket Your Productivity This Week

by on 08 February 2016 in Entrepreneurship


I’ll admit it, it took years of dedication to develop the shocking work habits that depleted my productivity.  And it took real awareness to discover new ways of finding the habits that worked and would propel me to my goals.

I began by reminding myself this was a choice and that I needed some ground rules:

Excuses won’t get me there

Get curious about what works for ME

If I stuff up don’t let it take me off track

Then I began experimenting until I found a rhythm that worked for me.  Here’s what I know about productivity:

Weekly goal setting

This definitely needs to occur before you hit the ground running on a Monday. Try a Sunday evening, or a time that works best for you. 

Your calendar should be open during this process so you can match your available time with the tasks that you need to achieve.

Address every segment of business – marketing, operations, people, finances and sales.

Daily preparation

Every day begins with an ACHIEVABLE list of tasks. I do this on paper – and create a quadrant for email, phone, work and personal – but you need to find what works best for you. Tech options include Trello/Asana.


If you don’t shape your world, email will shape it for you.

Emails do NOT determine the actions for your day so don’t open them the moment you open your eyes. Set a time later in the day, say 11am when you’ll check in with the world and respond as need be.

Social Media

Remove the distractions from your line of sight – if you know you waste hours scanning Facebook DON’T OPEN IT!!! Or better still – don’t open your browser!! Or better still – disconnect your WIFI or internet connection.

Larks versus Owls

Get up an hour earlier – exercise and plan your day before the rest of the world gets going.  Not only will you feel morally superior but you’ll be totally set for the day.


If you’re an evening person, wait till the household is sleeping soundly then spend half an hour getting yourself sorted for the following day.

Feeling stuck

Working on a project and feeling tired, tetchy or simply can’t move forward? Get up and do a lap around the block because that 10 minute bout of exercise will return you hours of productivity.

The YES Jar

Acknowledgement breeds a sense of achievement so acknowledge and celebrate more often. I have a YES jar and everytime I do something wonderful (and let me tell you that’s daily) I write it down, date it and stick it in the YES jar.  A visual representation of all that’s great in my world.

Change your surroundings

Creativity is critical to business success and increased productivity will give you the time to do more of this in your business. But you must step AWAY FROM YOUR DESK.

Go sit in the park, head out to a café, get out into the bush, drive to the beach, do something to change your surroundings and pierce the sameness of your day.

Visual reminders

Set up your work space/home space to support you. While you’re trying out new habits create visual stimulus to remind you of those habits.  Keep them in your line of sight and if you find yourself overlooking them, MOVE them to a new place. 

Get selfish

Yep, if you want to achieve your goals you’re going to have to get a little selfish with your time. You need to enrol your friends and family into the vision you have for your business so they understand your choices and can support you in achieving your outcomes.

So there it is my friends! 10 awesome ways to lift your productivity.

Wishing you an awesome, productive week out there!