Gratitude runs deep… and carries a lot of weight by Rachel Bourke

by on 07 June 2016 in Mentors Blog


Your clients are happy with your services, your business is growing and you feel like you’ve earned every penny that drops into your bank account. But when did you last take stock of what you have? And when you did, was it with gratitude that you assessed the true worth of your business – or do you measure your success only with dollars and cents?

Gratitude is not as simple as being thankful for what you have or expressing appreciation for a job well done. Real gratitude runs deeper and carries far more weight.


Gratitude carries responsibility.


I continually feel grateful for my amazing clients and all that they entrust to me, and I feel an enormous responsibility for those feelings of gratitude. This inspires me to consistently uphold their trust and deliver my service with the utmost professionalism and quality.
And what happens when someone knows you are grateful for them? They also feel a heightened sense of responsibility. They also feel grateful for you.


Don’t wait for the big wins, the golden client, or the dollars to clear in your account before you express your feelings.
Lead with gratitude. Let it become as integral as your smile. Show your clients that you don’t assume your relationship with them is a fixed and finite arrangement, but rather a valued and evolving commitment based on respect, and deep feelings of appreciation.


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