Monica Brewer

by on 29 June 2016 in New mentor


Know Your Numbers!
Are you a business owner looking for greater results in your business but don’t know how to achieve them?

Do you want your team on board with your vision, but you’re struggling to get them there?

Or do you work by yourself and feel you need more support, accountability and connection?

As a business strategist, coach and mentor, my passion is to help you reach your full potential in your business. And then surpass it!

With more than 30 years’ experience in coaching and as a chartered accountant, I have a unique approach that combines the bigger picture of business with the nuts and bolts of the numbers, planning and strategy.

Through my company, Business Freedom Group and my involvement in She Business, I work with business owners and entrepreneurs, especially women, who are committed to growing their businesses – and themselves. Working in groups or one-on-one, we delve into the issues or roadblocks that can keep a business from growing and scaling, and identify practical, easy to implement strategies and solutions.

As a keynote speaker, my presentations inspire and motivate business owners and their teams to ‘get real’ about business. I speak at events and online about the practicalities of running a business and the discipline required, from planning strategies to managing cash flow and nailing the numbers.

I am constantly educating myself and keeping up to date with business trends, so I can improve my services and ultimately, the outcome for my clients.

Connect with me to learn more about how I can help you and your business grow – and thrive!