Are Your Old Beliefs Holding You Back?

by on 05 July 2016 in Business


The other day someone told me I was the most courageous person they’d ever met.

Their comment took me by surprise mostly because I have spent so much of my life trying to be more courageous, fighting against the ingrained image I have of my ‘scared’ self.

When I was a little girl I was scared of the dark and of mice and fires. I had a plan should a bush fire scorch my neighbourhood, I would take my prized possessions – my blankey and hedgehog and run.

At age 10 I was still timid. My best friend would have group sleep overs, with the idea that at midnight we’d all sneak out to explore the neighbourhood and walk down the railway tracks but I’d never go. Too scared.

I was scared of flying. Maybe I was scared of myself, but either way by this age I had created my persona of fear.


The first 30 years of my life was bogged down by fear, it stopped me from doing all the things I so desperately wanted to do and worse, all the things I could do and do so well if only I’d give it a go.

At 35 I made some serious changes in my life and so began an incredible transformation. But that was 15 years ago so it’s been quite surprising to realise the image I have of myself is stuck in the 1990’s!

This is important.

I AM courageous but I was still stuck with my old narrative, and now I’m aware of it, I realise is exhausting.

I AM courageous and its time to acknowledge, accept and operate from that belief.

There is freedom in changing my narrative. The new narrative feels like a natural way of being rather than a way I’m forcing myself to be.  The new narrative flows freely, the other one feels like hard work.

It’s only been nanosecond in time that I’ve let that remark seep into my psyche but the effect has been powerful. Transformative.

Have you ever experienced something similar? Holding onto old beliefs that don’t serve our aspirations can be exhausting and debilitating, isn’t it time to let them go?