Do Dirty Thoughts Diminish Your Results

by on 15 August 2016 in Business


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… not those kind of dirty thoughts, the ones that stop you fulfilling your dreams and prevent you from being everything you want to be.


I love understanding what makes us tick because I believe our personal performance is the key to success in all areas of our life. It’s through this lens I create my life and through this lens I create my relationships and conversations.


I haven’t watched much of the Olympics but I was in the foyer of a large city building last week just as the women’s’ 200m freestyle relay was kicking off. The young Aussie team were contenders and according to the people around me, had a good chance of winning so I pulled out my best ‘c’mon Aussie’ and started building on the atmosphere.


I happily backed the Aussies and was thrilled when they won gold but I also noticed I wasn’t really invested in the outcome. This is in stark contrast to when I watch my hero and one of the all-time great tennis players, Roger Federer.  I’m so invested in him winning I talk down his chances of success so I’m not disappointed if I don’t get the outcome I’m wanting.


I call this superficial optimism and it drastically reduces our enjoyment of the game of life.


Let’s look at the impact it can have in business.  When we talk to others about our business we pitch a passionate argument that demonstrates our purpose, skill, and commitment to a bright future. When we communicate with our team we have a similar approach, but does that optimism run through the conversations you have with yourself? Or is there a glitch in the wiring that is undermining the results you know you can create?


Only you can answer that for yourself but here’s an exercise to help you work it out.


MANTRA: Awareness precedes action and consistency deliver results.

CHOOSE – Identify an area of your business that isn’t producing the results you want.

CONSISTENCY – Diarise regular time every day for a week and make it a non-negotiable task

AWARENESS –  Dig deep and be willing to go past the superficial stuff to get to what’s really going on

TELL THE TRUTH – in a quiet moment write the truth about what you see


I use this exercise with clients all the time and the insights are life changing. You need to practice leaving your ego at the door but do this consistently in areas of your life that aren’t working and you’ll drastically change the results you’re creating.


And you’ll drastically increase your joy of life.