Get set to collaborate on June 28

by on 25 May 2017 in Monica Brewer's Blog


Collaboration (noun): the action of working with someone to produce something. (Source: Google)

On June 28, we’re holding our second experiential event for the year. It’s for the She Business community as a whole to come together.

If you attended our first event in January, you’ll know how exhilarating and inspiring they can be!


Collaboration is the theme for our June event.

We chose this theme as it reflects our purpose at She Business, which is to provide opportunities for our community to grow and prosper together, working towards a common goal.

We’re stronger together

In my four short months at the helm of She Business, I have been in awe of, and humbled by, our beautiful members, who are stepping up and taking ownership of their community, which brings us together as a stronger tribe.

We cannot do business alone. No man – or woman – is an island. And the fastest way to grow a business is through strategic alliances and joint ventures – as long as they are set up and managed well.

As a business owner, collaboration is something you can perfect and use as a tool to take your business further.

Collaboration inspires growth in your business – and life

When I researched this topic, I came across this definition of collaboration. On a conceptual level, it involves:

  • Awareness – We become part of a working entity with a shared purpose
  • Motivation – We drive to gain consensus in problem-solving or development
  • Self-synchronization – We decide as individuals when things need to happen
  • Participation – We participate in collaboration and we expect others to participate
  • Mediation – We negotiate and we collaborate together and find a middle point
  • Reciprocity – We share and we expect sharing in return through reciprocity
  • Reflection – We think and we consider alternatives
  • Engagement – We proactively engage rather than wait and see

(Source: Association for Information and Image Management)

I love this view. Imagine how you would operate in your business, and in life if you adopted these practices!

This is what we want you to experience at our June 28 She Business event.

Save the date!

As we get closer to the date, we will share our vision for the event – so put it in your diary and stay tuned.

I hope you can spend the day with us on June 28.

Until next time … Have an EXTRAORDINARY week!

Monica Brewer