Are you missing the opportunities in front of you?

by on 01 June 2017 in Monica Brewer's Blog


Last week, I talked about how collaboration can help you take your business to new heights – it’s something we’re passionate about at She Business.

I also previewed our upcoming Collaboration themed event on June 28, where attendees can discover the opportunities for support and explore ways of working together.

Have you put it in your diary yet?

A wealth of expertise right here

It’s easy to be distracted by all the business development noise out there: the next ‘bright shiny’ coaching program, product or service. Have you spent money on training and learning and then not looked at it or implemented any of it afterward? I know I have!

What I didn’t do was stop to evaluate what I already had in my “tool box”. I was too busy “solving” the next issue – I thought – when in fact I was simply collecting more information with no actual outcome.

What I know we have in She Business is a one-stop shop of support. As part of a membership, you receive world-class wisdom – in a community of like-minded business women, where the key to success is taking focused action.

Members: are you taking advantage of our online educational program? I invite you to make some time to watch our monthly webinars and jump on a weekly Ask the Expert coaching call.

So far, we’ve covered:

I know it’s sometimes hard to fit everything into your schedule, but just as you set aside time to attend your forum, block out some time to let our online series help you. It’s a wealth of wisdom at your fingertips!

What we know is that business grows faster when you work on your business rather than getting caught up in it.

Speak up, show up


I love it when our members make connections and start working together! And that can only happen when you speak up – ask for help, so another member can show up to help you. There is a gift in giving and a gift in receiving!

As you grow your business, you’ll build a trusted support network, from your team to your advisors and suppliers. We all know warm contacts and trusted sources are better to work with than cold leads, so step back and consider:

Are you using the opportunities already in front of you to give you the best outcome?

In true collaborative spirit, when we work together, all our needs are met. And together, we go further.

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Until next time … Have an EXTRAORDINARY week!
Monica Brewer