Accelerate your business growth through collaboration – and find your ideal partner!

by on 14 June 2017 in Monica Brewer's Blog


I have been promising for a few weeks to give you more details on our Collaboration event that is on the end of the month. I’m very excited as it shaping up into a very valuable day.

Building a business can be like doing a jigsaw puzzle – someone else has the missing piece you need

Are you trying to do it all yourself and letting opportunities pass you by?

You don’t have to go it alone in business.

When you team up with the right partner, you share resources and expertise to build your business, strengthen your brand and achieve better results faster.

It’s a guaranteed win-win!

So how do you get in front of the right partner?

Find your perfect partnership match at our Collaboration Day!

Join us for a fun, inspiring hands-on workshop, packed with sure-fire strategies to build collaboration into your business.

You’ll walk away knowing:

  • different ways to partner and collaborate
  • how to identify who has what you need
  • what you need to work collaboratively with others (and what to avoid)
  • how to find the right partners who complement what you do
  • the importance of values alignment – it can make or break a partnership
  • the ground rules to get your partnerships off to a winning start
  • how to create a win-win proposition for you and your partner

Best of all – we will ‘match’ you with potential partners on the day, so you can start filling the missing pieces of that jigsaw right away!

Soak up the wisdom of our Mentors and Coaches  

Gain amazing insights from our leaders in business growth on how to source and structure the best partnerships to suit your goals and plans.

Monica Brewer



She Business CEO, Monica is a leading business strategist, coach and mentor, whose passion is to help you reach your full potential in business – and then surpass it!



Suzy Jacobs



Entrepreneurial trailblazer, Suzy is a high-profile business leader, who will inspire you to tread your own path and to see – and seize – the opportunities in front of you.



Lorna Patten



Transformation coach, Lorna Patten asks the big questions: Who do you need to BE, and what do you need to DO to HAVE the business and life you want?



Tiz Porreca



Expert connector and events creator, Tiz will show you how building strong relationships enhances trust and loyalty, which then leads to greater business success.



Becca Saunders



Rebecca is passionate about making business marketing both accessible and affordable. Which she has done with a great deal of success, and has her eyes set on helping, even more, businesses reach their ideal audience through advanced video & social content strategies.


Michelle Forrester


Michelle is passionate about designing business process and systems as the guiding principle of a collaborative workplace. One of her favourite words is workflow! Michelle highly values education and continuous improvement for herself, her colleagues and strategic partners.



Abbie White



Abbie White has over a decade of Sales and Sales Management experience in United Kingdom and Australia. She has worked with a variety of sectors including Technology, CPG & Travel.


Sarah Denby Jones



Sarah Denby Jones is a thought leader in marketing leadership helping organisations go from start up to scale up, from underperforming to leaders in their field. Her sweet spot is at the intersection of Strategy, Marketing & Innovation.


When smart, passionate women connect and collaborate, anything is possible!

Collaboration helps you put the pieces together to grow your business faster.

Here’s how:

  • Opens doors to new channels
  • Gives you promotional leverage
  • Adds mutual credibility
  • Promotes exchange of new ideas and innovations
  • Generates more leads

Ready to create real business success?

Don’t miss this stellar opportunity to connect, create and collaborate!


Join us at this exclusive experiential event and learn how to make COLLABORATION work for you to take your business further!