Lose the stress with clarity, strategy and support

by on 07 July 2017 in Monica Brewer's Blog


I’m finding that, at the moment, I’m in front of a lot of people who are feeling quite stressed and not able to identify why their stress levels are rising. They feel time poor and can’t see a way forward. They feel ‘busy’ but they’re not doing what they really want.

If this sounds like you, read on. There is a way forward…

While I’m surrounded by so many stressed business owners, for the first time in a while, I feel the opposite: calm and centred, making amazing connections and having fun, excited about where we are heading in She Business.

How did I get to this place of calm?

With the start of a new financial year, I recommend doing a rethink of your business strategy for the next 12 months. What can you do differently?

Here are 3 strategies that have helped me and may work for you:

  1. Breathe! As one of our mentors, Lorna Patten says, “Feelings aren’t facts”. And with the lack of real data or a different perspective, we can let our feelings derail us. So take some time out and breathe! If that doesn’t work, I head to the movies with my lunch and coffee. It’s a great way to recalibrate.

What might help you gain perspective and hit reset?

  1. Now is the time to think about your next 12 months, bring together a strategic plan and a budget to match. What do you want to create in your business? Don’t hold back! Everything is possible – if you stay flexible and make different choices. This activity alone will help you start moving forward with direction and clarity. Then you can set small, achievable goals to get you where you want to be.


  1. Enlist a supportive team. This could include:
    1. a member who will listen, without judgement and without wanting to ‘fix’ you
    2. an accountability buddy who will call you out when you’re not performing
    3. a mentor to motivate and inspire your next steps
    4. a fun friend and exercise buddy!

My team allows me the freedom to feel supported, loved, connected and heard.

What would your team look like?

Remember, together we go further, so reach out for support from your She Business community, too. We’ve got your back.

Have an awesome week!

Monica Brewer