Communicate clearly to get the outcomes you want

by on 19 July 2017 in Monica Brewer's Blog


When you communicate with others, are you getting the responses or results you were expecting?

Last week, I learned that what I thought I was communicating was not clear enough to give me the outcomes I wanted.

Consequently, my week ended in extreme frustration – I felt exasperated and, frankly, annoyed.

I thought I had given clear, direct and definitive instructions on how I wanted us to proceed. When that didn’t happen and I was delayed another week, the response I got was: “We heard your suggestion, followed our own process and didn’t feel it was relevant to communicate the progress – or lack thereof – at any point”.

This is such an important lesson in business! Clear communication gets you better results, faster.

I am very aware that the response I received directly reflects the clarity of my communication. So I started thinking: how can I turn this frustration into a learning?

Here’s what I came up with:

  1. At the end of such an important meeting, get acknowledgement and agreement from all sides so everyone is very clear on what will happen. I didn’t do this in great detail. I expressed my directive but didn’t get their buy-in 100%. Now I realise theirs was more of a ‘let’s see’ approach. Not a match!
  2. I learned how important communication is to the customer journey. In She Business at the moment we are working furiously on improving our communication, which hasn’t been giving us the results we’re after – internally or externally. It makes sense now that I had to experience what it’s like when a customer journey doesn’t work. Thank you, universe, for the lesson!
  3.  This was an opportunity to learn how to ask better questions. When you do this, you gain more understanding of a situation, which then allows for clearer communication. I already know this. So why aren’t I doing it?

I love how the universe constantly gives us learning opportunities!

What are yours this week?

Share your experience in the She Business SASSY facebook group – there’s bound to be someone else who can benefit from what you’ve learned.

Have an awesome week!

Monica Brewer