Become the leader you know can be – and see real business growth

by on 25 July 2017 in Monica Brewer's Blog


Yesterday, we launched our new She Business Leadership Acceleration Program!

It’s such an exciting time for me, as I have been working on bringing together a program like this for a few years.

For me, growth in small business comes from collaboration and leadership among the players involved. When you own and run a small business, you can stagnate and lose momentum by trying to juggle everything yourself. You get caught on the hamster wheel of ‘doing it all’, spinning furiously but going nowhere and not knowing what to do next. It’s too easy to become overwhelmed, frustrated, isolated and stuck.

When you work together with others, you create a pool of knowledge and resources and all thrive in your combined effort to reach a shared goal – and almost certainly, get there faster!

Our She Business community is a perfect example: we are becoming stronger and growing steadily through collaboration. I’m already seeing members stepping up to take full responsibility in owning their role in this. And now it’s time for the natural leaders among us to shine.

Leadership leads to stronger growth

Our leaders know they have a profound message to share with the world that will help people transform their lives. I know I do. I know, deep in my heart, I am committed to spreading our She Business philosophy to the world in a BIG WAY!

As leadership expert said, “Leadership is not rank, privilege, titles or money, it is a responsibility”.

I take this responsibility very seriously, by my continued learning and developing, sharing, teaching, inspiring and motivating others. I am also dedicated to highlighting the greatness in others and encouraging them to step up, just as I do.

Our Leadership Acceleration Program will provide the support, motivation and guidance for the leaders in She Business to shine in their own business, which then benefits our entire community.

Ready to explore your leadership potential?

If you’re at a point in your business – and life – where you’re ready to step up to become more of the leader you already are, our Leadership Acceleration Program is for you.

Maybe you already know it’s for you and you’re in!

Contact me directly to find out more about the program and to register.

And remember: wherever you are on your business growth journey, I’m here to support and serve you.

These are exciting times ahead!

Have an awesome week.

Monica Brewer – CEO