Learn these SASSY steps to business growth

by on 01 August 2017 in Monica Brewer's Blog


With the start of a new month, I’m asking you, our She Business members, to get SASSY!

You may have seen my recent Facebook Live explaining what SASSY stands for and how to use it in your business. If not, you can watch it here.

So what does being SASSY mean? Stand up, Ask, Speak out, Sing your praises, You.

It’s a fun, empowering acronym, and it makes it easy to remember the essential actions you need to grow in business, and personally. It really does apply to every facet of your life!

SASSY is a great way to fire up your pitching skills too, whether you’re developing a job proposal, a business growth idea or a new direction. You don’t have to do everything in that order – but all the ingredients are there.

Stand up for what you believe in – a cause you’re passionate about, a new business venture or offering. Don’t keep quiet! Make the decision to back yourself and be heard. If you’re waiting for when it’s your time, it’s NOW!

Ask for exactly what you want. And don’t give up after the first rejection. Be prepared to ask many times – then be open to receiving.

Speak out and own your venture and how you want to move it forward. You have the ideas and you know what it takes. The world wants to hear that.

Sing your own praises, keeping it short and sweet, direct and to the point. A one-page pitch is enough to communicate the importance of your venture and get some interest.

And remember, You are worth it. You deserve success!

Learn the perfect pitch

Why all this talk about pitching?

Often, as women, we operate our small business on the smell of an oily rag, not tapping into the resources of money and time available to us. We go it alone, not asking for what we want or looking for collaborative partners.

Our Collaboration Day in June proved that the support and resources are there – if we’re open to them. The event was so successful, it led to more members finding ways to work with each other.

To take your business up a notch – or more – you need to know how to bring a successful pitch together.

And as part of the support, we offer She Business members, we’re gearing up for our Pitch and Grow event – on August 22.

It’s the first of three pitching events we’re hosting, and we’re starting at the beginning, teaching you what makes up a perfect pitch.

If you’re ready to launch the next stage of growth in your business, save the date and look out for more details on our Pitching event in your inbox soon.

Have an awesome week!

Monica Brewer