5 questions on innovation: Amanda Westphal

by on 26 September 2017 in She Business Blog


Small business dynamo, Amanda Westphal founded the media competitions platform, Prize Pig while organising her wedding – even ordering the business cards on her honeymoon!

Launched in 2015, Prize Pig helps small product-based businesses gain media exposure at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. It partners brands with media competitions needing prizes for their audience, helping stretch the marketing budget of small to medium businesses.


Since then, Prize Pig has gone from strength to strength, thanks to Amanda’s drive and her innovative approach.


Amanda’s WHY is to “support the little guys to be big”. And here, she offers her tips on using innovation to grow your business.


What does innovation mean to you?

Innovation is simply re-designing something so it works better. It’s easy to do things as they’ve always been done; innovation is shaking things up and doing things differently.


It’s been said you’ve disrupted the media industry – how did you do that? 

Wow! I love that. After working in the media promotions space for nearly 15 years, I knew it wasn’t working. I just created a way to simplify things. Instead of sending 8 emails to organise a media partnership, our members on Prize Pig can do it in two clicks and media just click once! Making life easier for everyone!


How do you use innovation to build and grow your business?

My rule for Prize Pig is to always question what hits my desk. I ask, ‘How can I never have to do this again?’ This has allowed me to create a frictionless way for small business to partner with media, plus I’ve created hundreds of super simple automation in my business so it can grow without me.


What are some qualities a small business owner needs to become more innovative?

Innovation just requires an open mind – thinking of a better way, and striving for a solution to a problem. Anyone can be innovative. Take a look at what everyone else in your industry is doing. Now, how can you not do that? Be better, be different! 


Your brand helps small businesses gain greater exposure, so you know a lot about helping small businesses grow. What would you say to another small business owner looking for ways to start innovating in their business? 


If a small business wants to grow, the fastest way is to stop working on it. It really is easy to create your life by implementing systems, automation, and outsourcing low-value tasks so you have a clear mind that’s free to think and create new ideas for your brand.


The best ideas come to most people in the shower, not the boardroom – have more showers! 


I hope Amanda’s insights have inspired you to look for ways to innovate in your business.


Learn more about Amanda’s innovative approach at our Innovation Event. We’d love to see you there!


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Date: Thursday, October 19th 

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