How can innovation show up in your business?

by on 11 October 2017 in She Business Blog


We hope you’ve enjoyed our series on innovation. Maybe you’re inspired to find more innovative ways to drive your business towards stronger growth.

As the inspiring innovative businesswomen, Lisa Burling and Amanda Westphal say, innovation is simply finding ways to do things differently. It’s about challenging the status quo, shaking things up and making your mark, to achieve bigger and better outcomes.


You can start innovating right now!

You don’t have to create ‘the next big thing’ overnight – and besides, it rarely happens that way. Like any change, the most sustainable results happen when you just start and keep working at it, little by little. Remember the 1% rule? Small changes, repeated over time equal consistently better results.

4 easy areas for innovation

Start thinking innovatively about your business by focusing on these key areas:


Systems/processes: What software or processes can you introduce to streamline your day-to-day operations? This frees up you and your team to be more creative and develop or add to your offering.

Not getting bogged down in running your business (or putting out fires) allows you space and time to plan and see the bigger long-term picture – which is essential to growth!

Stuck on where to start? Ask other business owners how they create greater efficiency. What apps or approaches do they use?


Sales/customer relationships: Do you know if your customers are happy with your products and services? To keep them, you have to keep them happy. Consider surveying customers regularly to identify things to keep doing and where you can improve. Added value touches like loyalty programs can show clients they are important to you.


Culture: How ‘together’ are you and your team? Are you all on the same page with where your business is going? Is everyone invested in its growth and improvement? Allowing autonomy in team members boosts morale and can lead to innovative ideas you might not have thought of.


Be open about inviting ideas for improvement and feedback (including constructive criticism) from your team.  

Market position: Keep up to date with industry changes and market demands. Knowing where you sit in your market helps you find ways to differentiate yourself from competitors. You can also anticipate opportunities and capture them before others do. Look beyond your local market to overseas markets – this is where some innovative trends start, so you can really be ahead of the curve.


Sometimes, being around other creative business minds spurs you on to bigger ideas to grow your business.


And your opportunity to get some innovation inspiration is just one week away!


You’ll be in the room with other passionate business women and learn from successful business owners who have grown their businesses using innovation.

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Event details:

Date: Thursday, October 19th 

Time: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

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Have an awesome week!


Monica Brewer