Innovate or die: key takeaways from our Innovation Day

by on 26 October 2017 in She Business Blog


She Business CEO, Monica Brewer with Lisa Burling


“Innovate or die” was the overarching message of our recent Innovation Event. Everyone who attended came away with lots of practical tips on how to shake up the way they do things in business – and made many new connections too.

Only change can lead to growth in business – and there are so many ways to change your approach, from the simple to the sophisticated. Here are just a few from the day.


Innovation Day highlights

Lisa Burling gave a raw, honest presentation, sharing her personal and professional journeys. She encouraged us to look at our life story and see how the pieces slot together to illuminate our path and purpose.

She reminded us that innovation isn’t complicated. It’s simply finding better ways to do things. And if there’s something you’re passionate about – just do it! While innovation can’t be forced, you can pay attention to clues and cues for ways to do things differently.

– In a jam-packed talk, Elly Hurley and Helen Denney-Stone from Nudge Marketing covered the gamut from using NLP to automation in marketing. They also highlighted the opportunities available in catching the wave of Facebook Messenger marketing to really grab your audience’s attention.

also touching on automation, Amanda Westphal urged us to “clear the busy-ness for your creative mind”. And the quickest way to do this is through automating systems and processes, as well as outsourcing.

Amanda’s advice: “Find the WHY in each task – WHY do you need to do this? Can you find a way to NOT do it?” List out each step of every task you do and look for ways to consolidate, automate or outsource.


Fearless is coming!

Hot on the heels of our Innovation Event, we’re now gearing up for Fearless – our exhilarating end-of-year celebration. And the theme is Yes We Can!

You can be – and do – whatever you set your mind to!

We’ve lined up some amazing speakers this year, to get you inspired. All three are making their mark in areas dominated by men:

Samantha Gash won the Four Deserts Grandslam in 2010, aged just 25. At the time, only two male athletes had completed the event.

– Jacqui Schoorl, CEO of Jaxsta, launched an innovative online resource that credits and promotes everyone behind music production – not just the artists.

– Lee de Winton has held her own in civil and military aviation for 20 years and is now CEO of Sydney Metro Airports.

You’ll be in a room of leaders and peers, all driven to succeed and support each other.

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