Rethink vulnerability and transform your leadership

by on 08 November 2017 in She Business Blog



Despite the numerous business articles on the vulnerability in leadership in recent years, I bet when you read this newsletter’s topic, you had a moment of thinking, “Vulnerability in leadership? But being vulnerable is weak”.  

The thing is, it takes a lot of courage, personal strength and flexibility to be vulnerable.

So, how can you use vulnerability as an asset in leadership?


Being vulnerable builds trust

Think of being vulnerable as being open, upfront … authentic. And we humans love authenticity.

There’s no shame in admitting your mistakes. Quite the opposite: owning up to your human-ness shows high self-esteem, great self-confidence, and strength of character.

And being open when things haven’t gone quite as you’d have liked ultimately builds trust – with your team, clients, suppliers… everyone.


Vulnerability encourages innovation

If you attended our recent innovation event, you would have heard some raw, open, honest accounts from our speakers – moments of vulnerability which helped them become innovative.

Brene Brown is a well-known champion of vulnerability too – and she goes as far as to say it’s key to innovation. Showing, rather than downplaying fears and uncertainties can lead to better teamwork and better solutions to any challenges. Which is what innovation is all about.

Brown talks about having the courage to fail big: “If you’re brave with your life, you’re going to get your ass kicked,” she says. “Vulnerability is the willingness to show up when we can’t control the outcome.”

There are many things beyond our control. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and face challenges like this can help you find a way through them.


Being vulnerable fosters creativity and connection

When your leadership style is open and vulnerable, you inspire your team to share ideas and feedback without fear of ridicule or judgment. Open channels of communication between you and your team make you closer, more effective and efficient.

Vulnerability in leadership truly transforms every facet of your business.


How are you allowing yourself to be a vulnerable leader?