Doing nothing helps you do MORE!

by on 15 November 2017 in Business



“I’m soooo busy”, “I don’t have time for that”, “There aren’t enough hours in the day!”

Sound familiar?

We’ve all said these things; felt these things.

Yet no matter how much we try to squeeze into each day, our To Do lists keep growing. Why is that?

To Do lists keep you trapped on the hamster wheel of tasks, leaving you little time to see the bigger picture of your business. But you need to see the big picture to direct where you want your business to head.

Constant busyness is not good for business – and scientific research backs it up.


Being busy kills creativity

A 2016 study found that being busy and too much “mental clutter” diminishes creative thinking and focus.

Add to this the constant distractions of technology and we may find we have to try harder to maintain focus. Information overload, sifting through the noise in social media feeds and email inboxes… We become conditioned to this constant visual and audio stimulation – and there are many studies on the addictive nature of social media, with its instant, constant fix of attention seeking and gratification. But that’s something for another blog post.


There are no medals for multi-tasking.

Besides, our brains aren’t built for long periods of focus; we need to give our grey matter a break.

The human brain has two modes: “focused mode,” for learning new things or doing work tasks, and “diffuse mode”, a more relaxed, non-thinking mode, like when you daydream. And while our brains were previously thought to be dormant while daydreaming, studies have shown the brain’s problem solving region is active when we let our minds wander!


Give yourself a break!

It sounds so simple – but do you actually do it?

Just a brief interruption helps you hit “refresh” on the monotony and boredom that can creep in if you’re stuck in “doing” mode. Let yourself zone out from all that intense focus and allow space for ideas, inspiration – and renewed energy – to flow in.


Try these busyness busters

  • Meditate – mindfulness practices help you focus on the now and not get caught up in lists and tasks
  • Daydream – and journal about your ideas and inspirations
  • Stare off into space: you may have been told not to do this at school. Little did your teacher know how productive it can make you!
  • Take a walk – but leave your phone behind.

These are all intensely productive practices – just not in the way we’ve been conditioned to think of them.


I’d love to know how you make time to DO less in your day!