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We are all wired to connect. And we can struggle to reach our full potential when we go it alone. She Business is all about encouraging connection and relationships that empower passionate female entrepreneurs and business owners like you to be their best. 

We connect people and ideas, people and resources, and most of all, people and potential. We love bold conversations that are open, honest and collaborative. That’s how real growth happens.

When you join our community, you’ll make meaningful connections with like-minded business women. And with our real-world support through education, mentoring and accountability, you’ll grow as a business – as well as a leader. So your business dreams are that much closer to your reach.

Take it as far as you want! Together, with She Business.


Naturally gifted with empathy and wisdom, Monica Brewer understands it takes more than just business smarts to achieve financial success – you need to grow personally, together with the support of a strong community. With her people-first approach, Monica leads by example, drawing on her 30 years’ experience in coaching and as a chartered accountant. She blends a strategic ‘big picture’ view of business with the courage to be vulnerable and the nuts and bolts of finances, planning and action, to foster meaningful, sustainable change and growth in business owners.

A nurturing, compassionate, big-hearted leader, Monica sees giving back as a priority, serving both She Business and the wider community so they grow and become their best.

Monica’s vision for She Business is to build a community of like-minded, connected and consciously aware women who want to create change in the world – together.


What does business success look like to you?

Regardless of how you measure success, with the right mentor, you’ll make giant strides in the success rate of your business. In fact, 70% of business owners working with a mentor double their business’s 5-year survival compared to those who go it alone. Our mentors are business leaders in their field; they’ve walked the path and learned the lessons.

As a She Business member, you have access to our mentors through our educational program and face to face at the forums. That’s over 8 hours of face-to-face mentoring each month. When you compare that to the cost of one-to-one mentoring, you’ll see it adds up to great value – for unparalleled business growth.

When you work with our mentors:

  • You gain new perspective on the challenges you have and the way you think. You’re learning from someone who’s been on a similar journey and knows what it takes to be successful.
  • You access an invaluable sounding board, helping you work through roadblocks. They will listen to your business concerns and help you find solutions.
  • It’s a rich opportunity to learn, get new skills and knowledge from someone who has the runs on the board. And you do this in real time, face to face in the forums every month.
  • You are guided in how to identify and implement new strategies for growing your business.

MEET OUR Mentors


She Business supports you to BE your best self, to DO what you are passionate about and to HAVE an authentic, purposeful business, for financial independence you never dreamed possible. We do this by offering:

  • A close Community of like-minded business women who will challenge and champion you to reach your potential
  • Events, both online and face to face, that allow you to connect, learn, be inspired – and grow
  • Education and resources that build your knowledge so you can build your business
  • Collaboration and partnership opportunities with other She Business members.
  • The expertise of our Mentors, who have been where you are and who offer a sounding board for your challenges and the practical advice to move you forward.


Our purpose is to empower and support local businesswomen to take full responsibility for creating their complete and entire business journey of success. thus financial independence is a natural choice for women.


We love seeing our members succeed. And even more, we love travelling with them on their way to success. We back their dreams and ideas, support them when they struggle and celebrate their wins. It’s what She Business is all about.

So if you’re ready to explore how the right support can help you reach your business goals faster, come to one of our Visitor Experience events and discover the She Business community.


We believe that together, we go further.



The She Business Advisory Board also acts as our Leadership Team. These accomplished businesswomen have a wealth of expertise to support and advise the CEO, while guiding the direction of our community and providing leadership to our members.


FORUM Leaders

At the heart of She Business, these wonderful women are the true connectors in our community, welcoming new members, facilitating our forums and inner circles and keeping connections and accountability alive.