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Women in Focus & She Business Partnership

Women In Focus, Commonwealth Bank’s dedicated team for women in business, is proud to be a foundation partner of She Business. The partnership reflects a shared commitment to supporting and celebrating business women across Australia.

The Women in Focus team is committed to inspiring, informing and connecting business women. It offers accessibility to the relationships, resources and expertise of the Commonwealth Bank and its partners, and provides a platform for women in business to congregate, share experiences and have a voice.

Suzy Jacobs, founder of She Business, has played an essential role in the national events programs, facilitating the creation of new business connections through formal networking sessions. Suzy’s expertise in the development of business relationships has played an important role in building communities of business women around Australia.

Connect with Women in Focus

The Women in Focus Online Community is your opportunity to connect with business women through the directory of community profiles, access the expertise of Commonwealth Bank and its community members, and be inspired by the journeys and practical tips of real business women across a range of industries. There are also exclusive offers and events for members. Membership is free, so use this as a valuable resource to promote your business and be a part of the community!

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Australian Womens Chamber of Commerce

AWCCI was launched on International Women’s Day in 2011. It was formed to represent self-employed women at a federal level. The one million women trading in Australia today have a significant impact on our economy and AWCCI provides a voice at the tables where decisions are made that affect women business owners.

Champion Legal

Champion Legal is a dynamic, modern legal practice with offices in Sydney CBD and Parramatta. We act for and advise corporates, government, SMEs and individuals. Technical competence and expertise in Commercial law, Family Law and Litigation is a given. We have Accredited Specialists in these areas. We are reliable, cost conscious, easy to work with and to do business with. Call us, instruct us so that your interests are protected.

Talk to us as Corporates, SME’s, Individuals about advice for: Business acquisitions, structures & asset protection, trade practices and consumer law, director responsibilities, debt recovery, commercial and collaborative agreements, joint ventures, intellectual property, sale, acquisition and leasing of property, compliance issues, succession planning

Deli Agency

The Man That Can offers cheap and easy professional video production. Bookable online, The Man That Can comes to you. He’ll shoot, edit and deliver your finished video all within 4 hours on location. This unique video service is perfect for capturing short presentations, recording a series of blogs videos or creating a basic promotional video for your business.


Melissa is the founder and CEO of an award-winning accounting and advisory firm A+TA (Accounting & Taxation Advantage) and co-founder and Director of Business at the long-day early learning school for 3-5 year olds, Thinkers.inq – two very different and yet two very similar businesses. Both are pushing the boundaries in their fields, questioning what is possible and disrupting their industry in order to create the best possible results for their clients.

Being an accountant Melissa understands numbers but being an entrepreneur and the owner of multiple businesses, she understands that numbers are only part of the story. She knows exactly what it takes to achieve results that defy the trends and create incredibly robust, successful businesses. Melissa may also have a serious shoe addiction but she balances this with a wealth creation strategy to ensure she won’t have to live in them someday and she works with clients so they can also enjoy their life today but have financial freedom tomorrow.

Melissa’s first book is the illustrated business book More Money for Shoes which compares building a business to building a wardrobe and shows you how to build a profitable, successful business. Her much anticipated second book, Fabulous but Broke, is another illustrated business book and uses financial fairy tales to challenge money messages that readers may have and question the notion that you need a fairy godmother or knight in shining armour to save you.

Melissa is regularly asked to speak and comment on money, business & occasionally shoes! She writes a fortnightly column for the Money Section in the Sydney Morning Herald (The Age and affiliates) is a monthly contributor to Gloss Magazine and has made regular appearances on the Today Show and Weekend Today. She has also been featured in Latte Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Renegade Collective and in 2013 was featured as one of Australia’s 100 most inspiring women in Madison magazine.

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