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Monica Brewer
Group Mentor, Sydney Inner West

Know Your Numbers!
Are you a business owner looking for greater results in your business but don’t know how to achieve them?

Do you want your team on board with your vision, but you’re struggling to get them there?

Or do you work by yourself and feel you need more support, accountability and connection?

As a business strategist, coach and mentor, my passion is to help you reach your full potential in your business. And then surpass it!

With more than 30 years’ experience in coaching and as a chartered accountant, I have a unique approach that combines the bigger picture of business with the nuts and bolts of the numbers, planning and strategy.

Through my company, Business Freedom Group and my involvement in She Business, I work with business owners and entrepreneurs, especially women, who are committed to growing their businesses – and themselves. Working in groups or one-on-one, we delve into the issues or roadblocks that can keep a business from growing and scaling, and identify practical, easy to implement strategies and solutions.

As a keynote speaker, my presentations inspire and motivate business owners and their teams to ‘get real’ about business. I speak at events and online about the practicalities of running a business and the discipline required, from planning strategies to managing cash flow and nailing the numbers.

I am constantly educating myself and keeping up to date with business trends, so I can improve my services and ultimately, the outcome for my clients.

Connect with me to learn more about how I can help you and your business grow – and thrive!

Kerwin Rae

"I have known Monica for almost a decade and she continually shows up as a strong leader and supporter for those who want more from their business and their life. Her ability to coach people and work with them through complex and challenging situations and strategies and maintain a very calm and even temperament is a real gift."

Daniella Boutros, Founder Buttercreme Lane

Thank you, Monica for changing my life, mind, soul & my heart. You are way more than a business coach. You have helped me find my greatest being.
Through the ongoing business & personal success, Monica has helped me ignite & nurture the great unknown goals I wasn’t aware I could achieve. I was at the stage of giving up & shutting my business. Monica took me from there to now, being on all TV networks, supporting a team of 9 staff (& growing) & most of all feeling great & celebrating the wins. My sales have 4X’d in 12months. The valuable tool of “know how” Monica has given me to run a tidy, focused, well run business is now helping me grow Buttercreme Lane to be wide world.
Rachel Bourke
Group Mentor, CBD Lunch

Perfecting the way Australian Business Women approach sales
Rachel Bourke is one of Australia’s most recognised Thought Leaders in sales and influence, and the author of the upcoming book ‘The YES Zone – Be Irresistibly Good and Impossible to Say No To!’

Rachel’s renowned Buyer’s Coach™ methodology will dramatically change your approach to sales.

Conducting training that is often referred to as “world-class”, Rachel has achieved dramatic results, including 100% growth year after year for some of her entrepreneurial clients. She helps her clients to have more confidence, clarity and conviction.

Jane Anderson – Personal Branding Specialist. Telstra Business Woman of the Year Finalist

“Rachel is simply extraordinary. I have been to other sales training previously but have never experienced the valuable feedback and advice that I received from her world class intensive program. Rachel found all the holes in my sales process and plugged them all for me with brilliant strategies to amplify my results. I now send all my clients to Rachel's training. I can highly recommend Rachel to any small business needing to grow or large organisations looking to create a high performance sales team.”

Kristina Serdar – Director at Paperwork Central

“In the last 12 months we have gone from $448K annual retainers to 1.32 million. That is a $870K increase in ongoing turnover which is a 195% increase. Rachel, your system and mentoring are truly exceptional!"
Lorna Patten
Group Mentor, CBD Breakfast
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Coach, Mentor, Facilitator
When I began my journey of conscious self-awareness and actualisation in 1982,

I was excited and scared in equal measure about diving deeply into the paradigm of “I Create The Whole Of My Own Reality” .

Thus far, the process of awakening has been extraordinary and challenging and delightful and sometimes, very, very hard. It’s like peeling away the layers of an artichoke … prickly and defensive on the outside … and when you persist in peeling away all the fuzzy layers of protection, there at the very centre, the sweet heart is revealed.

For 15 years I ran my own counselling practice, then in 1999, at the request of a client, I formed a partnership with a business coaching company and created Open Up Communication to offer workshops and coaching sessions to small business clients. I felt I needed to create a global business (to prove I was “good enough” ) and by the end of 2003 I had 3 partners and 17 trainee coaches on board. When I realised that running a global empire was not what I really wanted, I kept the company going and downsized to a small team of 6, then 3 … and in 2009 decided to go solo.

Yet, for over 30 years people have referred to me and my work by my first name. People ask: “Have you met Lorna?” “Have you done the Lorna process?” “Have you been Lorna’d?” and I realised… time to get off the “not good enough” stuff and own the whole of me… so I turned Open Up Communication into a suite of products, offered by Lorna, and rebranded myself as

Through all of it, the essence of my work has remained the same…I can help you if you are struggling with any or all of the following:

Are you sick of self-doubt stopping you from achieving what you want?

Do you want your bank balance and your client base to reflect your magnificence rather than your “not enough” stuff?

Are you ready to transform your experience of life?

Andrew Bell, CEO, The Ray White Group, Surfers Paradise

Lorna is unique. She is challenging. She is relentless and has an incredible insight … She is nothing short of incredible.

Maurice Goldberg, Founder, Maurice Goldberg Inc

Lorna has been one of the big influences in my life. She has showed me new ways of being and thinking that have allowed me to find so much peace in the most challenging of times. It is so rare, and has been such a relief, to find someone who is so uncompromising and yet so compassionate. If Lorna had been in my business a year or two earlier I'm sure life would have been less dramatic and much easier.

Kirsty Spraggon, Speaker, Author and Founder of KirstyTV

Lorna is a true expert in her field. She is full of love and wisdom, which she warmly shares with everyone she touches. When asked to describe her to others it is difficult to convey the depths of what she does…You leave lighter and clearer. I would highly recommend everyone has a dose of Lorna.

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