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Who We Are.


Our purpose is to educate and support female entrepreneurs and business owners like you to BE your best self, DO what you are passionate about and HAVE an authentic, purposeful business that gives you a level of financial independence you never dreamed possible.

Imagine what you can achieve with the right support!

And support from She Business is based in reality – beyond the passion, the self-belief and ‘can do’ attitude. We are committed to keeping you grounded in action through knowledge and resources, finances, accountability and much, much more.

This is how you turn your dream into a genuine, solid business with a gold-plated future.

The culture and energy of our business club is unique. While our offering goes beyond networking to focus on action and growth, you will make alliances and friendships through our close, supportive community to take you further personally and professionally.

Monica Brewer and the Team.

Monica Brewer knows that it’s the women with passion, determination and commitment to action who succeed in business. 

Monica’s commitment to business development is unwavering. She has achieved enough results to know that by combining business acumen and personal development with a strong and supportive community, you achieve far greater financial success.

She Business is driven by our leadership team of Advisors, Mentors and Forum Leaders who support, inspire and steer our members towards continued success in business and in life.

Monica Brewer – CEO

Why We’re For Women.

Men and women do business and build networks differently.

HE is more about who he knows, who they know and where they stand in the business pecking order. He’s inwardly-focused, meaning if he’s in a good place, he can better deal with the world around him. He likes facts delivered straight, thinks of knowledge as power and therefore that it should be protected. So, sharing knowledge, particularly across the community, might seem risky and result in him losing his place in the pecking order.

SHE is more about who she can trust most and the support she can gain. That’s because she’s outwardly-focused and operates well when those around her are in a good place. She requires facts with emotion, likes to share, collaborate and listen to others before coming to her own conclusions.

Women work on the basis that together we’re stronger than we are on our own.

For women, having a community of women who think and operate like us, who become trusted advisors, colleagues and friends, is recognition and celebration of our diversity and an important part of our current and future business success.

She Business creates the structure for those relationships to begin, grow and prosper.

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