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About our forums

Forum 120 – your key to financial freedom


One of the reasons you’re in business is to grow it to a place where you have the financial freedom to live the life you want. But, steering it in that direction can be hard. Sometimes you need guidance, coaching, and support to get you there.

Our commitment is to ignite and empower businesswomen like you to choose financial independence as a way of life.

She Business has Australia’s leading coaches and mentors providing affordable top-shelf wisdom and guidance on a regular basis.

What is Forum 120?

 Our monthly 2-hour business-building forums held at 5 locations across Sydney. They’re an essential ingredient for the success of She Business members.

This is where the real work is done. With a highly interactive format, each session features a guest speaker on topics relevant to your business. This provides the platform for problem-solving, challenging conversations, goal setting, and accountability, all under the guidance of a mentor.

It’s a space to ask for – and offer – help and to connect with like-minded businesswomen who will support you and celebrate your successes.

She Business mentors: our strength, your growth

She Business leads the way in giving businesswomen access to the best coaches, trainers, and mentors, for real growth and transformation. And we put them through a rigorous interview process so we know they’re the right fit for our members.

As a She Business member, you’ll have access to:

  • An affordable coaching and support system to keep you focused and on track
  • Monthly mentoring and accountability to keep your business moving forward
  • Insights and learning from women who’ve done it before and those doing it now
  • Honest conversations to help you succeed in the ‘real’ business journey
  • A safe environment where others share their highs and lows
  • Our private Facebook members’ lounge: a 24/7 online resource, where you’ll get all those niggling questions answered for real breakthroughs in your business
  • A network of professional and driven businesswomen
  • Opportunities to collaborate with contractors and experts who can help grow your business
  • Connections and introductions to our global partners at a range of events

For just $125 each month, you’ll get:

  • 2-hour monthly group mentoring
  • Access to our private Facebook group
  • Special member offers and pricing to signature events – including our Fearless end-of-year celebration

With She Business mentors and members on your side, you’ll be supported, challenged and celebrated in ways you never thought possible.

Join She Business – and get ready for the ride of your life!


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